Feedback from some of the clients that Exploring Attitudes and Thoughts have provided support to

Emma provided me with the advice I needed and allowed me to get my head straight with several basic psychological techniques that I now use in every basketball game I play and have allowed my confidence to grow at a rapid rate, back to how it had been before needing the sessions. So overall my sports psychology was certainly worth whole. In addition I also loved how enthusiastic  Emma was with me, eager to ensure that the techniques she has given me worked – initially it didn’t therefore her attendance to my game was certainly worthwhile and she asked what techniques I used, and how I used them therefore allowing me to see what I need to do to use the technique correctly. Overall my experience with Emma as my mental performance coach was certainly worthwhile and I could not have asked for a better consultant.

Basketball Athlete

Due to the approach Emma followed, her outcomes she achieved were outstanding.  She knew exactly how to approach each issue that a client had and found suitable ways to help resolved those.  Emma went beyond what was expected, and as a result the clients she was working with felt the benefits.

Emma’s empathy towards clients were what made what she achieved easier.  She treated every single client as an individual and ensured she listened to what they had to say.  Too many people in this role can hear what a client has to say but don’t listen and that’s the main trait you need for this role, and one that Emma had and still has in abundance.

Workshop Organiser

Emma presented in an unknown environment and came prepared with extra technical equipment (for if our projector didn't work). 

The presentation was engaging and interesting and the guides remained actively involved for over an hour. They were attentive and their questions were thoughtful and insightful.

Emma presented in an interactive and engaging way, leading the guides to be able to (from the knowledge imparted) answer questions on the subject - at the end discussing the guide leaders colours.

The presentation was pitched at the correct level for the age group the girls being attentive throughout. The material was varied and the guides were actively encouraged to participate and reflect for themselves. 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable evening -thank you Emma 

Guide Leader

The portfolio which Emma constructed for me has been extremely beneficial in my development both as a basketball player and also as an individual. Looking back on her observation notes, I feel that my performance as a basketball player has greatly improved since the time of writing. The body language noted by Emma suggested that I was lacking confidence in my abilities. This is one aspect where I believe I have progressed significantly and I feel that I no longer have an issue with this attribute. I credit Emma and the positive reinforcement I received from her for this improvement.

I found Emma to be a supportive yet honest mentor during the time we worked together. She presented information to me in a clear and easy to understand way which perfectly suited my needs. It was evident she was extremely hard working and wanted the best for me as she supplied me with hand-outs and worksheets on a weekly basis. 

Junior Basketball Player

Emma you have a talent in this field and I have seen the results first hand, I wish you all the luck for your future

Parent of a client


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