The services offered through Exploring Attitudes and Thoughts is targeted towards the mental components that can have an effect on an individual or teams performance. Each support offer is specific and unique to the individual and therefore a tailored programme is created to meet the needs of the client; whether they are recreational individuals, athletes, teams, official, coaches or support staff. 

The support that's offered can have a positive impact on performance both in and out of competition, this is through learning, improving and developing aspects such as:

  • Concentration

  • Motivation

  • Confidence/Self Esteem 

  • Ability to cope with negative emotions or difficult situations 

  • Emotional control

These aspects can be learnt by engaging in a number of psychological skills, for example:

  • Imagery

  • Relaxation / Breathing 

  • Pre, during and post preparation

  • Performance review

  • Goal setting

  • Developing specific focuses 

  • Understanding the meaning and use of self talk

Support is not just for the sporting activity itself but can also be used in aspects such as balancing the athlete/student life, tough decision making, career transitions and communication.

Exploring Attitudes and Thoughts currently offer three forms of support to deliver the above elements; working    1-2-1 (including observations in your own environment) with individuals, drop in sessions and workshops. 

Although typically somebody may access sport science support for issues around sport and exercise, our workshops can also be tailored to work for businesses, team building days and for individuals who want to find their direction in life and need to build a positive foundation to grow from. 

If you are interested in the support offers, please feel free to get in touch and more information can be provided to meet your specific needs and help you to work towards your goals and achieve your dreams. 


Bespoke programmes are created to work to achieve your needs. 

An initial consultation is conducted at the start of your support, to identify your needs and what your support will entail. Ideally a 4-6 week programme is recommended to get the best outcomes. However, what this looks like varies from individual to individual. 

Sessions are run in a location of your choice. We can also offer support through a communication method of your choice such as phone and skype. 

Two Businessmen
Support Group


Workshops are excellent for clubs, teams, groups and organisations who want to learn practical skills to boost performance.

You may need a one off workshop to improve aspects such as communication or introduce you to a certain psychological skill. However, you may want a series of workshops to be run to improve group dynamics or to run review sessions over a season. Whatever, your needs we can create a workshop for you. 


We can offer weekly drop in sessions at your club, to work with individuals or groups. 

Offered on a rolling monthly contract based at your club, you will get 10 hours of support to assist with your clubs needs. Usually sessions are offered 2.5 hours a week, but can be altered to meet your needs and demands for support. 

These sessions can be offered in connection to a workshop to help embed aspects learnt through the workshops and build a foundation or develop your club culture or structure. 

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