• Emma

Why am I releasing the June webinars?

As you maybe aware, every Wednesday in June I will be releasing a new webinar to provide some more information and clarity on what sport and exercise science support can look like and offer for you!

I am passionate about what I do, and love when I help people but my favourite part of working with people is when they find a way that works for them and they get that 'light bulb' moment and it finally clicks for them and they are able to achieve their goals.

However, I feel that when I tell people what I do or what my role is there is some ambiguity.

* I am not an athlete so why would I access your support? * I can't even motivate myself to do my daily steps, so accessing support is not for me?

* I am involved in performing arts so sport and exercise support is not for me?

I have heard all of these and more before, but the support that is offered through Exploring Attitudes and Thoughts could be beneficial for you as I provide mental skills coaching based around performance; that performance can be different depending on your situation/environment.

Primarily, this is why I have decided to run these 4 webinars, to help add clarity on what I can do for you and what support can be introduced to create the best plan to meet your needs. I hope that for those who are intrigued about what I do, want to learn more or just an opportunity to ask me any questions in a different way than picking up the phone or sending me a message will access these free content webinars and have more understanding about what I am trying to do with my service.


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