• Emma

Throughout June - Free weekly webinars

We all know we are living in difficult times at the moment, but that doesn't mean we can't continue with what we want to do, it just means we need to adapt and find new ways to tackle what is in front of us.

In June, I will be running a number of webinars on zoom to provide some hints and tips to help you to meet you sport/exercise goals.

However, I want to know would you like to see in the webinars? So, that the content that is released can help you with your sport and exercise needs and will also give you an idea of what sort of support I can offer, if you were to work with me on a regular basis.

🧐 Are you thinking about how to go back to training as lockdown is lifted, and unsure on how to manage?

🧐 Are you not able to do what you want to do, and therefore need to think about doing alternative training options?

🧐 Have you got low motivation, low confidence or no direction, do you want to know what could help?

Get in touch if you are interested or to ask for a specific content for the June webinars and more details will follow about the weekly webinars throughout the upcoming week

Remember, there is support out there ... you just need to reach out


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