• Emma

Thank you for the opportunities COVID-19!

We are living in unprecedented times at the moment and there are twos ways we can manage this situation; we either think negatively or we take the opportunities presented and change our mindset to reflect positively towards what is in front of us.

It is not often that we are given the gift of time, but I think that's one thing COVID-19 has given us is:-

  • Time to reflect on our goals

  • Time to seek opportunities to develop

  • Time to be proactive and look at things that we have previously pushed to the side because other things have taken priority

  • Time to work on areas of development

  • Time to review and make new suggestions for the future

  • Time to adapt and find new ways to achieving the same results

The list can go on.

I am really thankful for this situation because it has given me time to re-engage my passion of supporting people to reach their goals and to build confidence, resilience, relationships etc. I have been able to have more time to connect to others and show what mental skills coaching actually is, as most people still see it with stigma attached or don't understand the true potential that it can have.

I have been able to adapt my support to ensure that just because face to face contact is not currently possible, it doesn't mean that support has to stop. I have been able to produce a number of interactive webinars to educate people on what support can be offered through Exploring Attitudes and Thoughts and to understand that just because the journey may look different, there is nothing stopping the outcome from being the same!

I would urge individuals, teams, clubs, organisations to think about how they can be proactive and use the time that we have effectively so that when things go back to the 'new normal' more energy can be used on things that you have planned in lockdown rather thank thinking what do we do now!

Our services are still open to offer support, if you want to have a discussion about what is possible and some ideas of what we can help you with whilst in lockdown, please get in touch


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