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Preparation is the key to success

For me, I genuinely believe in the famous saying ‘preparation is the key to success’ and this doesn’t mean just preparation for your next game, next season but for what is to come next whatever that maybe.

I mentioned that more detail would be released around how my business came about, and this is what I want to do in this short piece. I want to show you how Exploring Attitudes and Thoughts came about and how preparation links into this.

Where did Exploring Attitudes and Thoughts come from?

I searched long and hard for a number of different names for my business and used my network to give me inspiration. Eventually, I came up with Exploring Attitudes and Thoughts as this is based on my initials EAT (It is also a way for me to indirectly continue the Tomkinson name). But, why these three words, well my philosophy for sport science is based around cognitive and behavioural psychology, and therefore Attitudes link to behaviours, and Thoughts link to cognitions.

Coming up with a logo

Understanding your strengths and areas of development is very important if you want to grow and succeed. Therefore, I knew I needed to get support when coming to design my logo.

This is where preparation falls into this piece. Being an athlete or involved in sport might not be your career for life, therefore being proactive and thinking about the future after you retire from sport has its benefits. I have been involved with a number of athletes who have had career-ending injuries, have naturally come to the end of their careers or have decided they need a break and have seen how being prepared changes their mindsets. I know it sounds boring, I know it sounds like you are giving up on sport but believe me if you put the preparation in early even if this is just making connections, speaking to other people in similar situations it will aid your transition immensely and help you to remain just as successful as you already are within your current environment. It can also help you to maintain positive mental wellbeing, as you are planning and have action plans to support you with what is next, rather than increasing anxiety and stress about what do you do now.

My logo has been designed by one of my athletes that I am involved in working with (within a different capacity than sport scientist) who is balancing the work/athlete life. She decided to start her own business following her recent graduation from University and to do this alongside training full time as an athlete. I would highly recommend her for anybody who is looking for any graphic design needs. She listened to what I was wanting and put several options together for me to choose what I felt worked best for my business.

The remit that she had to work with was that the logo had to be based around the meaning of Tomkinson. I found my family crest and looked at ways this can be used within my logo design:-

* Blue – Is the favourite colour of both myself and my Dad’s (despite our football team not being Blue) and it is also a very soothing colour. My favourite escape is by water and this colour also links well with using Blue.

* North Star - This represents a saying of stick to your important mission of life and try to accomplish it. Therefore, the design incorporates this and links well to the support I am offering to all of my clients.

We also played around with using two other key aspects on the Tomkinson crest but the logo design didn't make much sense. However, I have included them here as I feel they link very well to the style of how I work and what I value in both myself and those around me:-

* Wolf – is a symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. Wolf has the ability to make quick and firm emotional attachments, and often need to trust their own instincts. Thus they teach us to do the same, to trust our hearts and minds, and have control over our own lives.

* Martlet – this is a small bird with no legs and is destined to fly without settling. The inability to land is considered symbolic of the constant quest for knowledge and learning. It signifies nobility acquired through bravery, prowess and intelligence. On English Arms it signifies the fourth son who had to rely on hard work, virtue, merit and endeavour to succeed. For me this sounds very similar to my journey and why I will always be a Tomkinson.

In summary, I hope this piece gives you a little insight on how my name and logo came about and a short snapshot of why preparing is beneficial and that you don't have to wait until you need to do something to be able to put this in action.

If you do need any graphic design support, my contact for my logo design is:-

Lindsay Frelink - Graphic Designer Phone - +31 (0)6 44014777

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