• Emma

Its not all about sport!

When you think about mental skills and performance most of the time you will think of these in the context of competitive sport. However, its much more than just a single environment!

The support that I offer can be transferred into exercise, business, performing arts and may more. Today's blog is going to focus on exercise and how accessing support from a qualified sport and exercise scientist can help you to achieve your goals.

In my previous blog we discussed how goal setting can help achieve what you want to achieve, and this is one of the key things to consider when looking to change a habit or start a new behaviour. No matter how small or big your behaviour change is if you want the change then there is a way to change your mindset to help you on your journey to being successful.

There are 5 steps to any behaviour change:-

* Pre-contemplation - You have no intention to change or you don't understand why change is needed

* Contemplation - When you think that you want to change or want to try something new but have no plans in place to work towards these thoughts at the moment

* Preparation - Arguably the most important stage, where you start gathering information to start finding ways to put your thoughts into actions. However, research suggests that 50% of people will relapse after 21 days. Therefore, this is where consistent and quality support is required to aid the success and to support the individual to move through this step

* Action - This step is as it says on the tin ... its putting in all of your preparation into action. This is the start of behaviour change and will require commitment, time, energy and continued motivation to keep you focused and on target

* Maintenance - This where you continue with actions and to put in work to prevent relapses. It has been stated in the research that this starts 6 months after a new behaviour change has occurred. Essentially, this is the start of your new habit!

Throughout all stages, there are a number of tools and techniques that can be taught to best support you to make a successful behaviour change that you want!

Whether or not you want to work towards walking 10k steps a day, change your lifestyle due to physical or mental health reasons, get support to take part in a tough mudder, find a way to create a work/life balance ... whatever it is support can be put into action!

If this is something that has sparked your interest, or you would like to find out more about how I can support you with your individual needs please feel free to get in touch


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