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Accredited Chartered Sport and Exercise Scientist (Psychology Support)

Exploring Attitudes and Thoughts offer bespoke sport science support through 1-2-1s, drop in sessions or through workshops. 

In March, I am releasing 5 workshops on the fundamentals of sport science support for clubs/teams/organisations and 5 initial consultation sessions for individuals ... if you want to find out more and take advantage of these free taster sessions, please message me to arrange a quick chat to discuss your needs 


Basketball Athlete

Emma provided me with the advice I needed and allowed me to get my head straight with several basic psychological techniques that I now use in every basketball game I play and have allowed my confidence to grow at a rapid rate, back to how it had been before needing the sessions. So overall my sports psychology was certainly worth whole. In addition I also loved how enthusiastic  Emma was with me, eager to ensure that the techniques she has given me worked – initially it didn’t therefore her attendance to my game was certainly worthwhile and she asked what techniques I used, and how I used them therefore allowing me to see what I need to do to use the technique correctly. Overall my experience with Emma as my mental performance coach was certainly worthwhile and I could not have asked for a better consultant.


Offering sport and exercise science support both face to face and remotely 

If you are interesting in booking your support or discussing a bespoke package for yourself, club or organisation please complete the contact form and we will be in touch 

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