Accredited Chartered Sport and Exercise Scientist (Psychology Support)

Exploring Attitudes and Thoughts offer bespoke support through 1-2-1s, drop in sessions or through workshops. 

Due to Covid-19, all face to face support has been postponed. However, support is still being offered remotely.
Please get in touch to see what support can be offered to meet your needs.


Basketball Athlete

Emma provided me with the advice I needed and allowed me to get my head straight with several basic psychological techniques that I now use in every basketball game I play and have allowed my confidence to grow at a rapid rate, back to how it had been before needing the sessions. So overall my sports psychology was certainly worth whole. In addition I also loved how enthusiastic  Emma was with me, eager to ensure that the techniques she has given me worked – initially it didn’t therefore her attendance to my game was certainly worthwhile and she asked what techniques I used, and how I used them therefore allowing me to see what I need to do to use the technique correctly. Overall my experience with Emma as my mental performance coach was certainly worthwhile and I could not have asked for a better consultant.


Offering mental skills support both face to face and remotely 

If you are interesting in booking your support or discussing a bespoke package for yourself, club or organisation please complete the contact form and we will be in touch 

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